Managing your IP rights

Following the filling of a patent, trademark or design, it is necessary to manage your Industrial Property right over time in order for this right to be used, lent or sold. Here at ARGYMA we assist you in the management of your Industrial Property rights in France and Europe.

In order to maintain an Industrial Property right, it is necessary to pay renewal fees in each country, in a regular manner. ARGYMA monitors payment due dates and maintains your rights around the world.

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ARGYMA assures the control and supervision of costs tied to the prosecution of Industrial Property rights so that your investments remain profitable. Fees linked to Industrial Property are clear to allow you to manage your budget optimally.

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You’ve forgotten to respond to an official notification? Pay an official fee? You’ve received a notification of loss of right ?  ARGYMA accompanies you to restore you patent or trademark rights from INPI, European Patent office and other Industrial Property offices.

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ARGYMA assists you to register any changes related to your Industrial Property portfolio to different Industrial Property offices (licence, sale, change of name). With the help of its international agent’s network, ARGYMA allows you to legally secure the acquisition or sale of Industrial Property rights in different countries in a centralized manner.

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