The French patent at low cost

The French patent at low cost


In France, according to Article L612.20 of the French Intellectual Property Code, the main fees related to the acquisition of a patent are reduced for the following applicants :

natural persons, namely individuals, artisans, retailers within individual companies, liberal professions, etc …,

small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), namely employing no more than 1000 employees and having no more than 25% of the capital held by an entity employing more than 1000 people and

nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in research or education sectors, namely schools, laboratories, research institutes, etc.

For these three kinds of applicants, a 50% fee cut is provided for :

– the patent application filing fee (36€),

– the search report fee (520€),

– the patent issuance fee (90€),

– the fee for additional claims (42€/claim) and

renewal fees for the five first years (38€/year) from the patent application filing date.

A 25% fee cut is provided for the 6th year (76€) and the 7th year (96€) renewal fees. The following renewal fees are not subjected to a fee cut. Some taxes related to patent applications with foreign priority and appeal procedures are furthermore not subjected to a fee cut. The total saving generated for a patent application with 10 claims is around 500€.

For benefiting from this fee cut, SMEs and NPOs must submit a belonging certificate to one of these two categories dated and signed within 1 month from the patent application filing date. Beyond that term, the fee cut will be rejected. For natural persons, this fee cut is furthermore automatic.

For a patent application filed by several applicants, each of the applicants must belong to one the three categories mentioned above and provide a belonging certificate if they aren’t natural persons.


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