Gérard BLOCH

Patent Attorney

  • Agency : paris
  • Entité : argyma

Gerard is a French, Belgian and European patent and trademark attorney, who got his Engineering degree and Master’s degree in Electrical engineering from the Toulouse Institute of Technology ( ENSEEIHT ) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), respectively. He got also an IP law degree from the Law School of Strasbourg.

After having run his own IP Firm in Paris, he merged it with the Belgian Firm Gevers and settled in Belgium.

He then became CEO of the other Belgian Firm Bird & Goen and merged it into Kirkpatrick, another Belgian Firm that he managed until he joined Argyma as outside Counsel.

Gerard has been lecturing at the University of Technology of Angers and at the Institute for Research in Industrial Property in Paris. He is a former Vice-President of the French Chartered Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys.

Gerard is fluent in the three official languages of EPO.

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