Our Strengths



At ARGYMA, each of our clients is assigned one partner as its exclusive contact, to make our relationship run smoothly and establish a special relationship. This contact is backed by a team of engineers and lawyers, and by our paralegal department. As a result, you have an expert, in charge of your case file, able to answer your questions and advise you on securing and defending your intellectual property rights.


At ARGYMA we have built our reputation based on the quality of our experts, our personalised, hands-on approach to advising our customers.

This is how we have gained the trust of corporate groups, intermediate-sized companies, SMEs, research laboratories and private individuals.

In particular, we work with some of the largest patent applicants in France (2021 ranking), for which we prepare and draft more than 100 patent applications each year.


Each year, ARGYMA manages several hundred intellectual property rights internationally in more than 50 countries, through its network of foreign patent agencies. We select these experts for their legal and technical expertise as well as for their rigorous work procedures and cost management.


ARGYMA’s team of highly qualified scientific and legal experts in France provides high-quality services in many different areas. In addition, our legal advisors regularly keep abreast of legal news and the latest technical and creative developments. They transform their knowledge into relevant know-how, and thus provide you with dynamic, reactive and informed expertise.


ARGYMA has established rigorous monitoring of case files and legal deadlines through a computer system providing reliable surveillance. This reflects the high quality of our relationship with our clients. In addition, the most critical legal deadlines (priority periods, PCT national phases, etc.) are tracked by two different systems to forestall any risk of mistakes. In practice, ARGYMA implements control procedures at each legal step. 


At ARGYMA, we pay particular attention to the security of data in all dealings with our clients. We use a variety of communication encryption solutions to meet each client’s requirements. Only the people who have the encryption keys can access the content of the information disclosed. By means of this procedure, we can guarantee that information remains confidential. As a result, you can confidently place your trust in us to manage your industrial property rights.


At ARGYMA, we control and monitor the costs related to obtaining industrial property rights. Our organisation and modern methods mean we can propose our services at costs that are competitive, transparent and fixed. With no “hidden” fees, your budget is therefore managed to best effect.

Moreover, there are a number of schemes that can help you finance the protection of your industrial property. To this end, we at ARGYMA are committed to maximising the amount of the grants and subsidies relating to the innovation, in order to boost your cash flow and facilitate your project.