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ARGYMA counsels you accross all domains of Industrial Property, in particular, the prosecution, exploitation and defense of patents. Here at ARGYMA, our Industrial Property attorneys, specialized in patents are capable in numerous technical domains (mechanics, aeronautics, telecommunications, IT, and electronics). Our Industrial Property attorneys are also specialized in trademarks and competent in numerous industries (wine, fashion, luxury, cosmetics etc.)

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The ARGYMA firm brings together Industrial Property Attorneys (IPC), specialized in patents, competent in many technical fields (mechanics, aeronautics, telecommunications, IT, electronics, etc.) and Industrial Property Attorneys, specialized in trademarks, competent in many industries (wine, fashion, luxury, cosmetics, etc.).

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Brand analysis

the ARGYMA firm analyzes the sign and the wording of the products and services to be protected in order to know the chances of obtaining a valid trademark.

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A patentability study allows you to determine the chances of obtaining a patent for your invention within the most demanding countries.

Service strategie


Anticipating the costs of protection allows you to establish a relevant business plan and to value your inventions and creations at the right price.

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defend your rights

A patent, trademark or design obtained, the ARGYMA firm defends your rights by monitoring or analyzing your competitors.

Last news

EPO : The END of "the ten-day rule"

Starting from November 1, 2023, the “ten-day rule” of the European Patent Office will be abolished. This rule stated that documents issued by the EPO were considered served ten days after the date they bear. This allowed for the time required for postal delivery to be taken into account. As the majority of documents are ...

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By Claire DIVO | The 23 February 2023

Unitary Patent let’s go !

Germany has ratified the UPC Agreement on February 17, 2023, according to which the Agreement will enter into force on June 1, 2023 ! ...

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By Claire DIVO | The 19 March 2022

Meeting with Gerard Bloch

Meeting with Gerard Bloch The first episode of our series of the presentations of the attorneys of the Argyma firm is dedicated to Gerard Bloch. With this short video, you will discover his professional path, his ambitions, his views and, above all, his love of the job. ...

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French Inventor : Do I have to file a first patent application in France?

When a non-French company (American, Chinese, Japanese, …) employs French inventors to carry out R&D, these French inventors sometimes make inventions that the company wishes to protect by filing a patent application. When the patent application is ready to be filed, the patent attorney may question the legality of such a filing under French law. ...

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By ARGYMA | The 3 March 2020

New French Patent Law

New French Patent Law   The new French Patent Law targets to increase the quality of French patents. The term of a utility model is extended from 6 to 10 years similarly to Chinese or German utility models. Interestingly, this measure applies to utility models filed on or after January 1, 2020, but also to ...

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