Guillaume MILCENT

Patent Attorney - Partner

Guillaume Milcent is one of the founding partners of the ARGYMA firm, bringing his expertise and experience in the consulting field. His professional journey began as an engineer in embedded systems at DAIMLER CHRYSLER in California (USA). After that, he joined a prestigious industrial property consulting firm in Paris before becoming part of a European group, where he led the subsidiary in Toulouse for several years.

With his extensive experience, Guillaume assists both French and foreign clients on various patent-related matters and issues. His expertise ranges from obtaining patents to their defense, including negotiation, taxation, and anti-counterfeiting measures. Over the past twenty years, he has advised renowned companies in the aerospace, railway, and construction sectors, giving him a deep understanding of these industries.

Being passionate about new technologies and a genuine geek, Guillaume actively participates in the modernization of work processes. He closely follows developments in artificial intelligence, particularly those related to machine learning and neural networks, and endeavors to integrate these technological advancements into his consulting activities.

In addition to his role at the ARGYMA firm, Guillaume has been a member of the Examination Committee of the European Patent Office (EPO) since 2011. He actively contributes to the development of opposition procedures. Moreover, since 2023, he has been teaching at the Toulouse Business School (TBS), sharing his expertise with students interested in the field of patents and industrial property.

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