Why choose us as Industrial property attorney ?


Here at ARGYMA, clients are closely followed by a single partner who is himself assisted by a team of engineers as well as our administrative department. You have at your disposal a preferred contact capable of answering your questions and counsels you on the prosecution and defense of your Industrial Property rights.


International comapnies, mid to small sized companies, research laboratories, associations and private individuals all trust us to handle several hundred new Industrial Property rights each year. We manage patent rights in more than 50 different countries. Our firm usually works with biggest patent applicants in France (2019 Ranking), for whom we prepare and draft more than 100 patent applications per year.

ARGYMA firm partners are speakers at numerous professional conferences, and engage closely with professional associations, notably the European Patent Office where they are part of the examination committee for future European Patent Representatives


ARGYMA has a team of highly qualified scientific and legal experts. We aim to provide a quality service in numerous different domains. Our attorneys here at ARGYMA follow in a continuous manner legal current events, as well as the latest technological and creative evolutions, in the aim of providing expert advice.

In cutting edge fields such as aeronautics, automotive industry or electronics, we possess a recognised expertise.


Our firm has put in place a rigorous supervision of case files and legal deadlines thanks to a sophiticated computer system and algorithms for a reliable monitoring. Furthermore critical legal deadlines (priority deadline, PCT national phases deadlines etc.) are monitored by two distinct systems, in the aim of preventing  all risks of mistakes.


Here at ARGYMA, we pay particular attention to data security when exchanging with clients. Diverse encryption methods of communications are used in order to meet the requirements of each client. You can therefore entrust us with managing your Industrial Property rights in all confidence.

We offer to our clients an access to an online storage space, in which all documents related to your Industrial Property rights are deposited. At any moment you may have access to your data as it is updated.


We assure the control and follow up of costs related to the prosecution of Industrial Property rights. Industrial Property fees are made clear to allow you to manage your budget optimally. Our firm’s organization and modern methods allow us to offer you our services at a competitive and transparent price, and at a flat fee to avoid any ‘’hidden’’ fees.