Opposition and Dispute - Cabinet ARGYMA - IP Industrial Property Attorney


When a European patent has been granted, during a period of 9 months any person may oppose themselves to the patent, in order to have it annulled or limited.

We may put in place a surveillance of patents gratedto your competitors in order to proceed with an opposition if so wished.

We also attend to the opposition and represent you in front of the European Patent Office during the procedure.


When a presumed infringer has been identified, it is necessary to give formal notice before any other actions. We assist you in this in order to have them stop infringement.

When a presumed infringer has been identified, a pre-dispute procedure may be taken in order to resolve the dispute amicably. We assist you during negotiations in defense of your interest.

When the amicable stage had failed, it is necessary to proceed with a subpoena in infringement of a presumed infringer. We assist you in this litigation phase in attack as well as defense.

At any moment it may be necessary to negotiate with a partner or competitor, for example during the writing of a partnership contract, of an amiable pre-litigation, cession, licensing agreement etc.

We are by your side at every instant in order to defend your interest, and notably to valorize your Industrial Property rights.