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Patent Valuation

Your industrial property portfolio constitutes an immaterial asset that can be valorized so as to determine the value of you industrial property assets. ARGYMA carries out an audit then proceeds to the valorization of assets in keeping with the fiscal administrations recommendations.

The audit includes the census and analysis of the companies’ Industrial property assets. This analysis covers the duration of rights, geographical extent of the protection, free exploitation, market, competitive environment, technological risks of your services and products development, and solutions to the circumvention of your rights, … etc.

The valorization consist of combining methodologies that are simultaneously technical, economical and legal concerning the costs, market and revenue generated respecting current regulations (IFRS) so as to establish the value of assets.

The knowledge of the value of your Industrial property portfolio, allows us to assist you in defining of your strategy, optimizing your investments, valorizing your company so as to attract investors, or even transfers a part of these assets, evaluating your prejudice in a dispute…