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Infringement analysis

At the sight of your success, competitors might be susceptible to copy your product or strongly inspire themselves from it. Here at ARGYMA, we analyze the product of your competitors and determin if they are infringements.

ARGYMA, assisted by its network of specialized lawyers, counsels you on a defense strategy of your Industrial Property portfolio in order to protect your investments and market.

Possible measures against infringement

The article L. 615-3 of the Intellectual Property code, concerns the ‘’référé de contrefaçon’’.  This is fast track procedure, that allows the ‘’juge des référés’ to order quickly temporary measure to stop the infringement acts.

In case of the event where the infringement is not recognized, the judge may demand a financial guarantee to compensate the defendant.

The procedure ‘’d’heure à heure’’, can be used in case of extreme emergency. It allows the judge to summon the infringing party on the demand of the rights holder.

Article L. 615-3 also allows in extreme cases, for ex parte proceedings to be brought forth.